Let’s Get Walking

May 14, 2018 in Community, Transportation

In this episode, we’re talking all about walking. We discuss the benefits of walking and have great conversations with folks including The People Walker (Chuck McCarthy in LA) and a Jane’s Walk Facilitator (Jill Roberston in Edmonton).

The People Walker
Jill Roberston, Dialog Design (Edmonton)
Jane’s Walk
The 8th Fastest Walkers in the World
5 Surprising Benefits of Walking
Edmonton Funicular Project
Jeff Speck – The Walkable City

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Educating, Employing & Empowering Youth

April 23, 2018 in Community, Youth

On 360° City, we want to share stories about people that you may have never heard of – the people who aren’t in the spotlight, because they’re just too busy doing work in their own community. Today, you’ll meet a group of people that are true role models in their community. The team at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans get to work to help people and build community – whether in an immediate crisis, building homes for educators or building life skills for young people.

Learn more about Youth Rebuilding New Orleans here: http://yrno.com

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From the Project Files: Community Hubs

April 13, 2018 in Community

Cities need to serve diverse communities with diverse needs. For many people, accessing a variety of services in many locations can be a real challenge. Community hubs are an innovative approach to addressing these challenges and help meet the needs of citizens in a community.

According to the province of Ontario: A community hub makes it easier for local residents to access the health, social, cultural, recreational and other resources they need… together in one spot. In addition to providing better access to services, community hubs can also provide places to gather and build a sense of community.

Recently, our team at Intelligent Futures has been exploring examples of community hubs for a project we are working on, and we thought 360° City listeners would like to hear the stories of how some community hubs are helping to serve their citizens.

This podcast is a different format than the usual 360° City episode. You’ll be hearing from three Intelligent Futures team members. Cassandra Caiger is the Engagement Lead, Chad Peters is a Planner and Designer and Jean Roe is the Intern and Podcast Producer.

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Some of the community hubs that are discussed in this episode include:
The Mount Community Centre
Unison Health and Community Services
Langs Community Hub
Elmwood Resource Centre

Audio clips from the Premier of Ontario’s video Community Hubs in Ontario  and Unison’s video Unison Official.

Thanks to Anne Pinnock and Steve Kylie for making the time to chat!

Music by Sound of Picture.