We consume a lot of stuff. Sometimes we use that stuff for a few seconds or minutes, like a paper coffee cup or plastic water bottle. Around the world, every minute, over 1 million plastic bottles are sold (and 91% of them aren’t recycled). Maybe we use our stuff for a few months or a couple of years, like a phone or hair-dryer. But when our stuff breaks, we usually go out and get a replacement. Sometimes we own stuff for a long time, but it doesn’t really get used much. For example, did you know the average drill is supposedly used for 10 minutes in its entire lifetime? And the average car is parked 95% of the time. The way we consume has to change if we want a habitable world for the future.

John sits down with Christina Seidel and Linsday Seidel-Wassenaar from sonnevera to discuss waste, consumption and the circular economy.