For the last few weeks, John and his wife and daughter have been on the road as part of a family sabbatical. They’re exploring 8 countries over the course of about 13 weeks as a way of reconnecting as a family and recharging for the upcoming decade.

The second stop on the tour was Melbourne. Ranked as the second most livable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s global liveability index, John was excited to explore this place he has long admired from afar. 

One of the things that makes Melbourne such a great place to be is its network of bustling laneways. These unique spaces owe their existence to the original survey of the city, dating back to 1837. Back then, these laneways provided rear service access for servants and carts carrying goods to local businesses. Over the last number of decades, however, these laneways have been revitalized as public spaces for people to enjoy. 

Gilbert Rochecouste from Village Well took John on a tour through Melbourne’s bustling laneways. After the tour, they sat down for a chat.

This episode was recorded a few weeks ago. Since then, the bushfires in Australia have escalated considerably. Our thoughts are with the fire fighters, people and wildlife of Australia as they grapple with these catastrophic bushfires.

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