Digital Engagement and Collaboration

October 24, 2022 in Community

It’s been awhile! At Intelligent Futures, we’ve been really busy working on a lot of cool projects. Happy to be back podcasting. In this episode we’re taking a deep dive into digital engagement and collaboration.

The pandemic has highlighted how digital engagement can be leveraged to ensure that a diversity of voices can be heard during engagement processes. To dive further into the concepts and tools used to address equity in engagement and city building, we met with Coby Williams, Zahra Ebrahim & Ceri Gordon to discuss their experiences with digital engagement and how it has shaped their work.

What’s Next for Urban Communities?

November 9, 2021 in Community, What's Next?

Welcome to What’s Next – our latest season of 360 Degree City.

How will COVID’s impact take shape in the long-term for our mobility, public spaces, supply chains, economies, and society? In this series, John sits down with a number of folks to talk about what’s next for cities. 

To start off, hear from Mary Rowe, President and CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute.