Not-for-profit Development

October 21, 2019 in Community

We are in the home stretch of the Federal Election here in Canada. During the campaign, most leaders have discussed the issue of affordability. Whatever your political stripe, and whoever wins the election, housing affordability is an issue that faces families across Canada and indeed around the world. And of course, politicians play a role in affecting housing affordability. But another key player that impacts the cost of housing is the development industry. It’s a profit-driven industry, which means developers aren’t always motivated to make housing affordable. Today, John talks with Robert Brown who works in the non-profit development sector.

In this episode, Robert and John talk about

  • What it means, and how it works, to be a non-profit real estate developer
  • How Catalyst Community Developments Society defines “affordable housing”
  • Advice Robert has for community organizations considering redevelopment
  • The potential future of non-profit real estate development


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On another note, we’re starting to collect denonyms from around the world. A denonym is a word used for the people that come from a particular place. If you know of a good demonym, please let us know. We plan to make a mini episode with some of our favourite denonyms. Grab your smart phone and record a short message with your name, where you’re from and what the denonym is for your city. You can email the file to hello@360degree.cityand we’ll compile these for future episodes.

Women-Led Cities

October 7, 2019 in Community, Design

Too often the people making decisions about our cities look quite a lot like the same — white, male and able-bodied. But if we want equitable cities and communities, we need a far wide range of folks at the table.

John chats with Paty Rios from Happy City about designing inclusive cities for women, by women.

In this episode, Paty and John discuss:

  • Her experiences in architecture school 
  • Some important urban and interior design considerations that are left out when it’s just men at the table
  • How we can make engagement processes more inclusive 


Planning with Empathy

June 10, 2019 in Community

Urban planners, designers, architects and other city-builders can often experience tension between acting as an expert and learning from the community. But as we have explored in previous episodes, we are understanding more and more the importance of designing great places from a point of empathy and co-creation. I wanted to talk to someone who is doing all sorts of great planning work with communities by putting empathy at the forefront of her work. Leela Viswanathan is an Associate Professor at the School of Urban Planning at Queen’s University. Her research emerges at the intersection of planning, equity and diversity.