Reading in the City: Reading Places for Children

March 29, 2021 in Reading in the City, Youth

Reading has such a huge impact on our lives. It opens doors for critical thinking, problem solving and communication. That’s why Steacy Pinney from Calgary Reads is an advocate for reading places. The concept behind a reading place is simple yet powerful – create places that are interesting, comfortable and inviting so that people are excited to read. 

Today, we continue the conversation about reading places. Hear about how one Calgary school transformed an old computer lab into a reading oasis.

To find out more about the Little Red Reading House and how you can build a reading place in your own home, go to

Educating, Employing & Empowering Youth

April 23, 2018 in Community, Youth

On 360° City, we want to share stories about people that you may have never heard of – the people who aren’t in the spotlight, because they’re just too busy doing work in their own community. Today, you’ll meet a group of people that are true role models in their community. The team at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans get to work to help people and build community – whether in an immediate crisis, building homes for educators or building life skills for young people.

Learn more about Youth Rebuilding New Orleans here:

You can learn more about the work we do at Intelligent Futures here: